01 December

About incit-e

incit-e is the general name for projects by organizations produced by Miela Harmonija. Starting in 2019, following projects will be started.

  • Concert type
    Concert type projects by one to a few choirs, such as concert or joint concert.
  • Festival type
    Lots of choirs will participate in chorus festival within a day. Widely participation will be offered.

Titles of the event will follow the convention below:

incit-e Year+Season @Venue

In order to support the above, "Composision Training" project is also stated.

  • Composision Training
    By receiving counsel from experienced trainers on one or more works, it brushes up the quality of music pieces. Also with counseling by Miela Harmonija staff, recommended pieces will have an opportunities to be performed in one of the concerts or festivals of incit-e, or publicly published.

incit-e stands for "International Network by Chorus, Instruments, Training for ENTERTAINMENT. Whether it is by chorus or by instruments, other type of training, making them as "ENTERTAINMENT" that brings joy and satisfaction to all.

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